Mandurax Mandurax® is the best all-round granulated material available for anti-skid and wear resistant applications. Thanks to its rough surface, it matches perfectly with the bonding material and the grain provides excellent anti-skid characteristics.

Mandurax® is to a large extent chemically inert, highly weather resistant and is not affected by diluted acids, alkalis, oils, petrol or grease. The excellent grip makes Mandurax® the preferred product for Industrial flooring, warehouses, aerospace, ship building, ramps, oils platforms and helicopter platforms.

Mandurax®is available in various grain sizes from 63 micron to 50 mm and in various mixes of grain sizes. Van Mannekus is the exclusive producer of Mandurax® and offers assistance in the selection of the correct grain size for its particular application.


Mankey is the preferred product for the production of mill stones for the dehuskMankey's Embleming of rice. Because of its cubical shaped grains it is most suitable for polishing parboiled rice and reduces the risk of breaking the rice grains to a minimum.