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we would like to inform you that Van Mannekus has closed the plant location in Holland and that from June 30th 2018 onwards, customers will be delivered by Timab Magnesium or Grecian Magnesite.

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logoGeoCrete® is a fine powder consisting of mostly alkaline natural earth elements. It is used as a cement additive and stimulates directly the cement hydration process in such a way that significantly stronger foundations in building constructions are possible.

The combined mix of GeoCrete® and cement changes the formation of new minerals during the cement hydration and significantly increases  technical parameters like compression strength, elasticity modulus and bending tensile strength. Therefore equally strong foundation constructions can be reached with soils/granular minerals which were initially inferior, and higher technical parameters are now in reach by using traditional building aggregates.

The specially modified GeoCrete® IM is developed for Immobilization purposes and gives the possibility to enclose the pollutants in the soil in such a way that leaching stays within the required boundaries. Heavy metals and most organic contaminants can be durably embedded into the new build GeoCrete® construction.

More detailed information on GeoCrete® can be found in the relative brochure, its dedicated website and Terrastab‘s website.


  • Cost reduction of up to 30%, since the excavation of the ground and the use of expensive materials like sand and gravels is no longer necessary
  • Reduced construction time and CO²  emissions,  because the use of heavy machinery is less needed
  • Technically better values are reached. GeoCrete® gives a fused structure stabilized pressure distribution


Logistic (harbor) areas
. Increaced foundation strength allowing thinner asphalt and cement construction layers upon it, plus higher bearing capacities.

Landscaping. Natural soil in protected natural reserves can be stabilized and used as walkways or bicycle road, fitting perfectly with its sorroundings while protecting from rainfall erosion without the need of asphalt

Road building. The use of inferior building materials is made possible. Sand and clay of low quality can be upgraded with GeoCrete® so they can be used in road foundations which normally would be dumped out of site.Asphalt and cement layer are reduced while durability and lifespan increaced

Industrial Buildings. Subgrades bearing capacity can be increaced with GeoCrete® and secure a perfect building ground level or even use the GeoCrete® floor plateau as the foundation itself. In case of industrial buildings the steel construction framework can be fixated directly into the GeoCrete® foundation. The GeoCrete® feasibility can be extended in case existing soil on the building site is polluted.

Waterworks. Natural clay soils can also be reinforced with GeoCrete®. Sea protection dikes which consist of impenetrable clay can be reinforced with GeoCrete® ensuring their stability.

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