Dear Valued Relation,

we would like to inform you that Van Mannekus has closed the plant location in Holland and that from June 30th 2018 onwards, customers will be delivered by Timab Magnesium or Grecian Magnesite.

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Timab Magnesia

Grecian Magnesite


Raw Magnesite Kerma is produced by mining, sorting and grinding of magnesium carbonate from natural deposits. It has a very low iron content resulting in white color and high brightness. Kerma is developed for the ceramics industry.

  • Kerma is applied on the reverse side of the tiles, just before introduction into the kiln
  • Its high refractoriness prevents the tiles from sticking on the kiln rollers at high temperatures
  • Trouble free production
  • Low abrasion and therefore protects the kiln rollers from wear
  • Kerma gives an exceptionally attractive finish to the reverse side of the tiles

For magnesium rich frits and glazes

  • Kerma ensures high quality frits and glazes at both low and high temperatures.Due to its low iron content, Kerma is guaranteed to leave the color of the frits and glazes unaffected. Kerma has the best cost/performance ratio of all mineral sources of magnesium.

For high performance ceramics

  • Quality improvement of gres porcelanato tiles
  • Energy cost savings
  • Assures whiteness of final product