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we would like to inform you that Van Mannekus has closed the plant location in Holland and that from June 30th 2018 onwards, customers will be delivered by Timab Magnesium or Grecian Magnesite.

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Timab Magnesia

Grecian Magnesite

The M90 product line

This line of products is our most standardized one meant to cover a wide range of applications. The products are suitable for applications like paper pulping, sugar refining, fertilizers, animal feed , ceramics and waste-water treatment among others.


StonemagStoneMag® is used in the production of high quality grinding wheels, where sorel (or magnesia) cement is mixed with various types of fillers and abrasives. The type of abrasive depends on the application, such as polishing marble, granite and ceramics or polishing rice. StoneMag® is available in different grain sizes, ranging from 200 to 45 Micron.


FloormagFloorMag® is widely used in the production of high quality industrial floor systems, where sorel (or magnesia) cement is mixed with fillers and pigments. This Sorel cement is a mixture of FloorMag® and a magnesium chloride (MgCl2) solution.

The AK product line

This includes the grades: AK95, AK98HR, AK98Premium,


  • AK98 Premium is a cost-effective alternative to synthetic magnesium oxide grades, with the additional advantage of low iron content (typical Fe2 O3 content 0,04%) and is perfectly suited to a diverse and wide range of high and specialty applications. These include calf milk replacers, printing inks, paints, food additives, special magnesium compounds, catalysts/supports, polymer additives, fuel additives, Ni/Co/U precipitation and other specialties.

Recommended Markets:  Calf Milk Replacement, Catalysts, Fuel Additives, Hydrometallurgy, Magnesium Compounds, Rubber and Plastics


  • AK 98 (LR/MR/HR) is a high purity natural caustic calcined magnesia product with controlled reactivity (low, medium and high) and LOI. It is characterized by high whiteness, low SO3, low-acid insolubles, low heavy metals and low iron content. It is used for a variety of industrial/technical and special chemical applications such as production of magnesium compounds, catalysts and catalyst supports for the petrochemical industry and as polymer additive. AK 98 is  used in hydrometallurgy (precipitation process) as well as in the production of sintered or fused alumina-magnesia spinels and in high-tech ceramic formulations.  AK 98 is also an ideal raw material for the production of high purity – large crystal size (>1200μ) fused magnesia, which is widely used to manufacture high performance shaped or unshaped refractories and special castables. Available in granular form or milled to meet customers’ requirements.

Recommended Markets:  Catalysts, Hydrometallurgy, Magnesium Compounds, refractory raw materials, Rubber and Plastics

The SG product line

These new designed specs of high purity natural caustic calcined magnesia is characterized by medium to high activity, low impurities and especially low iron content. It is used for a variety of industrial applications such as cellulose bleaching, gas treatment, magnesium compounds, catalysts, specific magnesium board, specific sorel cement. The SG97HR has been developed to service the hydrometallurgy processes as well as sintered or fused alumina-magnesia.  Available in different milled form to meet customers’ requirements.


Normal L , ActiveMag 92

  • Normal L is a caustic calcined magnesia product of high activity produced from natural magnesite deposits. Its high whiteness, low iron, low heavy metals and trace elements makes it suitable for special chemical, pharmaceutical and technical applications. Available in granular form or milled to meet customers’ requirements.

Recommended Markets:  Magnesium Compounds.