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we would like to inform you that Van Mannekus has closed the plant location in Holland and that from June 30th 2018 onwards, customers will be delivered by Timab Magnesium or Grecian Magnesite.

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Soil Stabilization

There is often a problem with the proces of soil stabilisation. The problem is the presence of humic acids which are attached to the organic substance. These acids are mainly fulvic acids and carboxylic acids and prevent the proper binding of cement.  If this is the case, the product GeoCrete® is used to make sure that the acids, which are presented in the soil, are enclosed. This happens is such a way the cement hydration proces (ligation) will not be prevented.

geocrete_cmykGeoCrete® is a fine powder consisting of mostly alkaline natural earth elements. It is used as a cement additive and stimulates directly the cement hydration process in such a way that significantly stronger foundations in building constructions are possible.

The combined mix of GeoCrete® and cement changes the formation of new minerals during the cement hydration and significantly increases  technical parameters like compression strength, elasticity modulus and bending tensile strength. Therefore equally strong foundation constructions can be reached with soils/granular minerals which were initially inferior, and higher technical parameters are now in reach by using traditional building aggregates.

The specially modified GeoCrete® IM is developed for Immobilization purposes and gives the possibility to enclose the pollutants in the soil in such a way that leaching stays within the required boundaries. Heavy metals and most organic contaminants can be durably embedded into the new build GeoCrete® construction.

Check out the GeoCrete® page for more info.